Wood fences are great choices for both privacy and comfort and offer high levels of customization.

Wooden fence with custom diamond lattice

Wooden fence with custom diamond lattice

The Benefits of Wood Fences

Wood fences have long been a top choice among homeowners looking to add visual appeal to their property. A wood fence has the most obvious benefit of a classic look. Wood fences can be made to have different design details depending on your individual taste, and are custom built here at Agawam Fence to always come out looking timeless. 

Another benefit of wood fences is that they are durable. Think of how well hardwood floors can put up with years of wear and tear. Wood fences can last for decades, making them a valuable investment for your home. If it is properly and professionally installed, you will be able to enjoy your wood fence for years to come. Which is why we only use cedar wood for fencing as it possesses a number of structural benefits and advantages. Cedar also contains natural oils which act as a natural deterrent against rot and insects. 

Wood fences are also one of the most affordable fencing options. Other materials can be expensive to produce and to install. Wood is a naturally occurring resource, so it is much more cost effective to choose a wood fence.